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Intelligent Marketing- Expos Make Sense

As a business, you have never had so many marketing media to choose from and the marketing mediums that deliver: interactivity, direct, and targeted are the keys to effective marketing success that so many businesses are looking for. An Expo delivers all of these better than any other medium:


What is more interactive that a person seeing and feeling your product while its being explained?

Our Advertising Campaign

Our target marketing campaign will focus on the consumers who want to learn, meet, experience, test, and purchase information and products related to their health. Our campaign will reach up to 1 million impressions not including radio advertising. Our expectation is to 3000+ attendees at Vikasa Expo.

Top Markets

in virtually industry have known it for years. The right event or Expo is the only marketing medium that:

  • Bring your most active prospects and customers to you
  • Allow you to demonstrate products, answer questions, overcome objections, and meet your market face-to faces
  • Harnesses all five senses to drive home your message
  • Allow you to further virtually all of your marketing goals
  • Secure posts show sales are collected by leads


Your business will be in front of a self-selected audience of active buyers. No one would say that Expos should be the only medium in you marketing plan, but many would agree that Expos are the pinnacle of the marketing pyramid-because they delivery completely what other media can only get you a step closer to: Personal interaction with 1000s of real buyers.


Can you get any more direct than face-to face?

Presenter Application


Exhibitor’s Guide (ebook)


FAQ’s for Exhibitors

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Exhibitors Floor Plan


What people say about us

  • This was my first experience going to Vikasa and I really enjoyed it. There was a great variety of things to see, learn, and enjoy. Thank you to the organizers and I look forward to next year’s Expo

    Nancy Jones, Attendee

  • As an Exhibitor, I appreciated that fact that people would linger at each table to truly see what the venders were providing. They were not just blowing by looking for freebies. The quality of attendees was fantastic.

    Marlene Waganheim, 4.22 Organics

  • There were great quality attendees. Will be back every year and love the exclusivity of my products, no other independent distributor of the same company can be a vendor.

    Lisa Lawn, Purium

  • It’s wonderful to connect with new people, often those getting a reading for the first time, and share my reading style and messages from spirit in the interest of mind/body/spirit awareness. Vikasa Expo draws in the perfect crowd to introduce holistic living concepts to and I am glad to be a part of that educational effort in my community. It was also a great return on investment where I paid for my table and doubled it in gains

    Molly MacCartney, Intuitive Medium


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