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Amy Chauhan


Amy Chauhan


“I’m an all around metaphysical enthusiast with a specialty in palmistry. My brand of intuition is guided towards offering a very holistic approach in dealing with all areas of life as well as the empowering my clients with practical tools to navigate through the challenges life can often present to us. I’ve been practicing and studying palmistry for 18 years, and the common denominator in nearly every metaphysical advisement session I’ve ever had to privilege to offer is rooted in an inherent need for all people to have validation of their own intuition. When someone you don’t know can offer you this validation, it’s one of the biggest tools of empowerment. I’ve been blessed with this gift in order to be a sort of signpost for the people around me, and it’s my honor to help anyone who needs it. How can I help you today?”


Psychic / Tarot Card Readers

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