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Healing through Indigenous Medicines


Healing through Indigenous Medicines

Ryan LeCompte

Soul Quest offers participation in Retreats for healing and personal evolution, with one of the most powerful shamanic medicines and with a professional and psychotherapeutic approach that is reaching thousands of people from all over the world, providing conclusive answers and real solutions to their problems.

These RETREATS, combining Sacred Plant Medicine and psychotherapy, are encounters for people seeking personal growth through the evolution of their consciousness. Bearing in mind that no human development is sustainable, unless it grows from the root, and that everything that is resolved at a deep level is maintained

Ryan LeCompte is a former United States Marine Infantryman (MOS 0311) who served on active-duty from 2007-2011. He has served out of Camp Lejeune, Quantico and White House operations in Washington, D.C.

While still on active duty, he served with his fellow combat Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with PTSD, yet observed that they risked being labeled “failure to adapt” and/or discharged if they talked about their problems. The heart-ache became more personal when he found one of his brothers, a fellow infantryman Sgt. Jorge Leon-Alcivar  in his barracks room the morning after he took his own life.  Sgt. Leon had just returned from deployment to Iraq with 3rd Marines 2nd Battalion and was clearly struggling with PTSD.  Shortly thereafter, Ryan decided to retire from the military in order to help his brothers and sisters from outside the confines of military structure. He began by volunteering hours in the waiting rooms of VA clinics talking to and assisting vets awaiting treatment. He started collecting data for his undergraduate on the prescription medications being given to veterans diagnosed with PTSD, and found the same kind of cocktails being prescribed to almost every one of them. (Anti-depression, sedating anxiolitics, and heavy barbiturates for sleeping.

“These drugs seem to shut out experiences associated with trauma by numbing them.”, Ryan states, “and this came across to me to be not only exacerbating the symptoms, but also creating new ones. It went against the values and virtues that we as veterans came to embody while on active duty, a few of them being courage and commitment.”

Shortly thereafter, he began his search for alternative treatment options not being used by the VA. Recently, Ryan has organized a trip to the jungles of Peru with a group of vets suffering from PTSD  to experience an ayahuasca ceremony and plans future excursions for healing.

Scientific Research

Ryan is also collecting scientific data using rigorous tools of measurement including the CAPS scale, to measure the effect of ayahuasca on PTSD.  He is currently a graduate student completing an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder, Co.  and will be working through his graduate institution to submit his findings for peer-review, and hopefully publication. He hopes to bridge the connection between psychedelics and the human experience in order to ground psychedelics into therapy. He is developing frameworks centered around psychedelics and transpersonal psychotherapy, including harm reduction and various forms of mindfulness-based practices.




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