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Healing with Hydrogen


Healing with Hydrogen

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped.
  • Chronic Dehydration Symptoms and Solutions – Cause of So Many Issues.
  • Hydration: the First Step in Healing…Help the Body Do What it was Designed to Do
  • Diet: Relationship with Hydrogen and Soluble Fiber Rich Foods We Eat. Did Mom have it Right?
  • Importance of Hydrogen Gas Produced via Metabolism of Fiber… How does it Affect the Colon?
  • Molecular Hydrogen: a Medical Gas with Huge Potentials to Improve Health and Wellness in Future.
  • Discuss Possibilities of Hydrogen-Rich Water as Additional Modality with Over 150 Human Disease Models.
  • Hydrogen Enriched Water…Most Effective Administration Methods of Molecular Hydrogen. Is it Really This Simple

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped. has been in the medical industry 20+ years. 10 years were devoted to individuals with Diabetes and lectured across the country on the effects of Diabetes on the body especially the foot. 10 years ago, he was introduced to Electrolyzed Reduced Water. After observing the effects of the water on the health of his wife and on patients with Diabetes, Paul wanted to fully understand how and why these improvements occurred. He studied different methods of filtering, ionizing, structuring, and changing water to help with issues. He found that molecular hydrogen was the mechanism causing the benefits. He focuses on the science and has found over 400 studies showing the benefits of H2 on 150 human diseases and every organ in the human body. Once he understood how properly filtered water with dissolved molecular Hydrogen improves health, he became passionate and began educating on the characteristics, mechanisms, and properties of water that enable it to effect health and wellness. Paul works diligently to educate individuals how to no longer suffer from the effects of chronic dehydration. His greatest joys come from helping and serving others. He is passionate about prevention of pathologies. After research and 10 years of application, he developed the Echo® water system that filters and enriches water with molecular Hydrogen. Hydrogen enriched water increases energy, provides better hydration and detoxification for the body.




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