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Healthy Family

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Healthy Family

Spring Rayne Paone

Healthy Families is a talk with segments from my new upcoming book coming out later this year called Healthy Family, Happy Family. This will help to join families together on a quest for optimal health. I will give ideas on how to get your family excited about wanting to eat healthy with fun tips and tricks.  A recipe and art project to share with kids will be included.

Greetings Everyone! I am Spring Rayne Paone. I am a Gluten Free, Vegan, Raw Food Chef. I grew up in Orlando, FL and have been challenged with many allergies and sensitivities from a young age. It forced me to be conscious about what I put into my body and to always be researching new data.

In 2012, I was met with a new health challenge.  I had been diagnosed with four kinds of Cancer, located in the Breast and Lymphs. My Doctor advised me to do a strong detox consisting of all vegan, gluten free, raw food diet, and some herbs. I then took my camper and headed to the mountains of Tennessee.

After a two-month detox in solitude, I came back home to Florida, cancer free!
During my healing process, I wrote my 1st Cookbook called, Eat Conscious and Be Merry! A Guide to True Gluten Free Healthy Recipes. This came out on 2/21/13. I was also fine tuning my food and health classes that I teach.

I am proud to promote my book and to teach people to be healthy, via diet & nutrition. I just completed my Associate Raw Food Chef & Instructor Certification at Living Light Culinary Institute in Ft Bragg, Ca. I am already writing my 2nd and 3rd books (about just raw foods and whole-family eating habits), and I am scheduling Gluten Free & Raw Food Classes around the country, like in North Carolina and Sedona, AZ.

It is my dream to open a Healing retreat center in the NC mountains. My desire is to help heal people holistically through teaching them diet, exercise, plants, and relaxation skills.



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