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Medium Shay


Medium Shay

Empath Medium

Empath Medium Shay was born naturally spiritually gifted, seeing &

speaking to spirits from a young age. Empath Medium Shay’s goal is

to bridge the gap between both worlds and communicate with the Infinite

and spirits for answers.


Shay’s abilities very from reading energy, to connecting with

Objects of all kinds such as jewelry, stones, trees, etc.…

She also communicates with all animals, even your beloved fur

Babies in the physical and on the other side.


Shay is empathic and picks up emotion from you and the spirit

she connects with.


Shay will surprise you with her gift of reading your energy and

not reading cards, which is open to interpretation of that reader.

She gets it straight from the Infinite and spirits. Try her, give her

a chance, open your mind, your heart and soul for experience that

will astonish you and leave you mesmerized.


So let go, give in, and take the journey for a reading.

Readings are done in person, by phone, or by “Skype” and

other video calling apps. You can also reach her by emailing

her at: and find her on Facebook: Medium Shay


Psychic / Tarot Card Readers

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