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Sandra Herman

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Sandra Herman

Past Life Readings

Sandy has been involved in the metaphysical field for over 25 years, beginning her career using her intuitive skills reading Tarot.  She continued growing, spending 8 years doing Aura Photography readings, followed by creating 3 dimensional framed artwork, focusing on fairies, dragons, astrological and zodiac signs, and other metaphysical subjects.  Being the true Gemini that she is, she began designing and making bracelets to support people’s desire to make positive changes in their life. Still seeking that “something special” that would be her path and help her to continue to serve, she was blessed to receive channeled information, guiding her, over a year and a half, to a uniquely new method of detecting past life issues that have carried forward and that may be negatively effecting their current life.

A unique new system, accessing the “causal body” (auric field) past life information, for past life readings.


Psychic / Tarot Card Readers

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