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Tinamarie Heckman

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Tinamarie Heckman

Psychic, Medium & Animal Communicator

Tinamarie Heckman is a professional Psychic/Intuitive . Spiritual Medium, Animal Communicator, Spiritual Confidant, and Medical Intuitive. Her compassionate, practical, sensitive, and trustworthy personality attracts the world audience who love Tinamarie’s innate ability to bring insight, clarity, understanding, and direction in a new and profound way: Love life, Career, Life’s Purpose, Change of Residence, etc.  Tinamarie gets answers to your questions. Tinamarie will help you bridge the gap between your spiritual world and your daily life. Her practical advice inspires her clients to continue to seek higher meanings in the everyday circumstances of life.

Phone: (803) 608-0577 Skype: Tina.Marie.Heckman
Website: Monthly Radio Show (FIRST FRIDAYS @12pm ET)


Psychic / Tarot Card Readers

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